Wearing the same color from head to toe is the most intelligent chromatic approach of this season.

As for theories about the use of color, Barbara Cartland had a very own way of thinking. According to her, Strong people like strong colors!
She, as we know, was adept at the “Pink Cartland”, a choral tone that covered her completely.

Resist the urge to mock. While wearing the full color of the same color may seem as old-fashioned as suggesting that English women should not wear beige, it is a style that is gaining ground this season.

Now with the name “Look Tonal“.

In the autumn parades, there were girls dressed from head to toe with slight variations of a single color. It was impossible not to notice this detail in the Gucci collection for spring, where the models used pale blue and Canary yellow with all accessories to match.
In Céline, the effect was more subtle: there were variations of black (satin, crochet and canvas) and oil blue.
However, in The Row, the dominant was the color of oatmeal with some caramel in it.

The Tonal look was born of pragmatism. – Gabriela Hearst

The spring and summer collections brought with them more of the same, but with increased saturation. In leadership, was the rookie Sander Lak, the Dutch designer, who gained experience in Dries Van Noten and now runs the New York brand – Sies Marjan.

Curiously, she was inspired by Barbara Cartland herself for her second season,
And followed the raspberry pink and bright yellow of their debut collection (autumn of 2016), adding them mint green and orange Fanta used, as the recipe orders, from head to toe.

Fun, yes…

“I wish it was a creative idea of genius, but there’s actually nothing easier than putting all the shades of the same color together.” – Gabriela Hearts


Rani Norton


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