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Make your Spring and Summer better, full of health and good habits.

Here I got some advices: 3…2…1…




Do you wake up tired and powerless? Find out what are the largemost effective foods and beverages for a good breakfast:

+Wholemeal bread with peanut butter;
+Avocado wrap with vegetables;
+Greek yogurt with fruit and / or whole grains such as oats;large (1)
+Smoothies – with hemp seeds, chia, or oats along with fruit;






Want to lose weight? Watch out! According to nutritionist Esthela Oliveira Conde losing weight may not be a good sign and is not a good parameter to evaluate weight loss. In fact, the scale weighs fat, body fluid, muscle mass, organs, bones and skin, that is, when you begin to train, your weight may increase because it increases muscle mass.
So if you want to lose weight, you should look for the composition of your body and, from there, reduce the percentage of fat mass, maintain or increase.


SPRING TIME.6c3a70c5822df9250fc9a864a3d562e0

With the arrival of spring, allergies come too.
To save yourself, keep these tips:
+Stuffed animals  They should be kept during the season where the highest peak of allergies is reached;
+Pillowcase  It is recommended that you change it very often and wash it at high temperatures;
+Fan  Even after being cleaned, the fan is very likely to be dusty;
+Blanket  This is one of the most likely to have allergens, as they get trapped in the fibers of the tissues;0d96577ed9905eeef576b441cf1c1bbd
+Sofa  The probability of housing mites and mold is very large, so wash it frequently;
+Paper  Do you know those papers that have been on your desk for a long time? Caution! It is a place conducive to many allergens.





French+Fries4When it is full of hunger it is natural to eat the first thing that appears to the front.
But be careful because some foods, besides being too caloric, can even cause stomach problems when ingested with this emptiness. Write down:
+French fries   Neither healthy nor nutritious. They cause hunger to continue and the body begs for more food;
+Orange juice  As well as being acidic and causing heartburn, it will be more effective to eat orange juice while drinking, because liquid carbohydrates are less satiating than solids;
+Coffee  Causes the stomach to produce even more acid, which increases inflammation 7cd5c06a1da4c62119ba652f1a508a0band results in symptoms such as swollen belly and discomfort;

 Comprised of proteins combined with lots of sodium, the cheese will make you want to eat more and more;
+Chewing gum  This will aggravate hunger, since it causes the stomach to think that it is about to receive food, and when it does not arrive, can cause pain.




large (2)If you are in doubt as to the choice of a modality that can bring you greater benefits, choose swimming. Advantages:
+Combines cardiovascular training with strength training;
+Work several muscles at once;
+It is a low-impact exercise, which helps protect bones and joints;
+It can be practiced by anyone and at any time;
+It is allied in lung function;
+Helps improve performance in other ways.

YOGA! large (3)

We know that Yoga helps reduce stress and improves posture, but does it also help in weight loss? According to an investigation by Harvard University, in about an hour, a person with 154 lb(70kg) burns, on average, 298Kcal to practice this modality.





Text mostly influenced by: unknown,  FICO A SABER – Últimas de beleza e saúde, HAPPY Woman Abril 2017,  pp.48


By: Rani Norton


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